Questions to Ask a Well Drilling Company

Are you experiencing problems with your existing well? Is it showing signs of old age? If so, you might have to drill a new one.  

A couple of water wells need to be drilled at least 900 feet into the ground to reach the water table. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have the tools to drill that deep by themselves. This is where a professional well drilling company comes in.  

However, since there are tons of options to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision on who to hire.  

To help you find the best Baton Rouge well drilling company, here are some questions you should ask: 

Can You Get Enough Water from Your Well? 

One of the questions you need to ask a well driller is the possible output of your new well. A well drilling company should provide you with an educated estimate as to whether or not a well on your lot will meet your needs. 

Usually, professionals use water yield data from wells in your surrounding area and geological information. If they can’t give you an answer, look for another company. 

What Type of Well Should You Install? 

There are two types of wells for residential properties. This includes shallow and bedrock. The most common type is the bedrock well since they offer a huge amount of high-quality water. Professionals will have to drill deep within your soil and access streams of water that flow between the bedrock of the Earth. 

On the other hand, shallow wells obtain water from the water table. They’re popular in older houses. They can offer enough water sources in the right location.  

Another option you can consider is an irrigation well. They’re only ideal for small on-site businesses, animal farms, and gardens.  

What Are Your Water needs? 

You should talk to the company about the number of people living in your home, the size of your house, and if there are other uses on your home that will need additional water.  

Almost every house will need a well water flow rate of around 6 gallons of water per minute. However, depending on your needs, this rate can be higher.  

What Does the Company Include in the Contract? 

If you hire a well drilling company, they should include a list of the work items and the cost of their service. The contract needs to cover the type of well they will drill. It should also include any guarantees of the work, man-hours, and cost.  

Is the Company Reputable? 

One of the best ways to know if the well drilling company is reputable is to ask them if they’ve got any references. You can also ask your neighbors and friends if they have worked with a well driller in the past.  

Usually, it means that the company offers high-quality work if they’ve been in business for a lot of years. If that’s the case, they should have several previous customers who can vouch for their quality of service.  

A well drilling company should give you a couple of references that you can call.